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Robbie Friedman: SAG-E

Hair Color: Dark Brown        Height: 5'9"       Contact 

Eyes: Dark Brown                 Weight: 145

Film and Television:             Role:                   Director:

Beverly Grove                      Supporting         Karyna Shackelford

Geico/History Channel      Lead              Shannon Bowen


AHH ROACH!!!            Supporting     Jenni Gold

Baphomet                   Supporting     Matthan Harris

DELKA: Stand-Up         Supporting     Will V. Moore

    Tall or Fall

The Bar                      Principle        Moosie Drier

Anti-Drug PSA             Lead              PSA: Emmy Nominated

Voice Over-Animation/Video Games:

Gundam Seed/Destiny        Martin DaCosta                     NYAV Post/Funimation

Neon Genesis              AVO                   Netflix/Gainax 


The Rising of              AVO                   Funimation

  Shield Hero  

Hero Mask                 AVO                    Netflix/Pierrot

Dragon Ball               AVO                    Cartoon Network Asia


Voice Over-Commercials/Promos

Alzheimer's Help          PSA                         Alzheimer's Association 

SupaBoy S              Commercial       Hyperkin

CamTagger             Commercial       McKinnon Broadcasting

Dogfight                Promo              Cygnet Theatre

Water Conservation Commercial       Handshake Foundation


Diana Castle's: The Imagined Life
Bob Bergens 8 Week Voice Acting Workshop

ADR/Walla/Looping - Mark Sussman, The Loop Squad

ADR/Walla/Looping Workshop - Johnny Gidcomb

PCB Productions: Are-U-Game-ADR/VO/Video Games

The Mocap Vaults-Motion Capture Workshop - Richard Dorton

Voice Acting Mastery - Crispin Freeman


The Nerdist School of Improv

Upright Citizens Brigade

Special Talents:

Video Games, Funny Voices, Voice Over, ProTools, Golf, Jump Rope, Razor Scooter, Breast Stroke, Swimming, Tap, Waltz, Beard, Clean Shaven, Beginner C# Coder




Sociopathic, Murderer, Crazy, Interrogation:

On Set Photos:

Awkward Date:

Hacker, Intelligent, Rant:

Vulnerable, Support Group, Superhero:

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